What We Do

The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology leverages MSU’s energy and inventiveness by connecting people, designing opportunities, and facilitating innovation. Continuing changes in higher education will open opportunities for new ways to think, learn, create, and grow.

Now is the time to ensure MSU’s continued ability to educate Spartans capable of life-changing work that addresses the world’s toughest challenges. We welcome you to innovate with us, and to join the conversation about the future of education.

We recognize that innovations in learning and the use of learning technologies will come from faculty, students, and staff working together inside and across experiences, programs, and departments. Our job is to help them—to help identify, accelerate, and sometimes create new ways to learn, research, deliver instruction, and collaborate.

Our Space

Floor Plan

The Hub is a space for innovation. We offer new ways to work, new physical spaces for collaboration, and a group of people who can help the campus design new ways to learn, develop assessments and research the use of learning analytics, and explore uses of digital technologies that will impact any learning environment.

We are designed to leverage, coordinate, and scale MSU’s existing energies and creativity by connecting people, designing opportunities, and facilitating innovation.

Please come work with us.