Online Programs

To support the start up of new online programs at MSU, the Hub’s Online Program Management team provides free intermediary and consulting services to support the design, development, and sustainability of online/blended academic programs. Our services are focused on the following areas:

  1. Program Planning and Portfolio Management
    1. Financial analysis
    2. Market research 
  2. Program design & curricular approval assistance
  3. Strategic sourcing of services
    1. Internal to MSU via service providers like MSU IT
    2. Via partnership with Online Program Management vendors such as Bisk and Wiley

Faculty own the curriculum of the programs they offer, and departments and colleges are responsible for administration and management, so the consulting offered 

is collaborative with academic units.  We seek to help MSU develop quality programs for students that are well-aligned with opportunities and institutional capacity. This service helps ensure a comprehensive approach to program (re)design and (re)development. 

Successful online programs require attention to sound financial planning practices and processes, should be based on effective internal and external market analyses, strong learning design, and commitment to student success.