April Baker-Bell (2017-18)

This project will explore redesigning educator professional development at Michigan State University. In particular, this project will focus on designing and operationalizing a program that will launch during the 2017-18 academic year that prepares educators at MSU to promote and be responsive to diversity and inclusivity in their curriculum and instruction. The summer portion of…


Ben Lauren (2017-18)

Project management has both human and technical elements, and for that reason, learning to manage digital projects effectively is highly situational and contextual. For this project, we’ll work together/learn/explore, and ultimately assemble a series of learning experiences that will help people more effectively manage the human and technical aspects of digital projects in the MSU…


Cori Fata-Hartley (2017-18)

An institutional effort is underway to increase MSU’s 6-year graduation rate to 82% and to reduce the opportunity gap to below 15%. With these goals in mind, my project will focus on the retention, success, and academic experiences of two groups of students who tend to be interested in health science careers— Human Biology majors…